Happy 4th birthday to all of us!!

It has been four memorable years of brotherhood, togetherness and adventure, and we have gone to many places unimaginable for us.

Under the current leadership of Tony Beckman (GF 059), this year alone we mark several achievements we can be proud of: Becoming the first-ever bike club allowed to ride at Kebun Raya Bogor, and having our first-ever online television interview with DetikTV.

Also, this year we welcome our 148th and newest member, Ninardja "Aning" Santasa. We are happy to have all the new members on board, and we hope all of you will have the adventures of lifetime.

Here are some pictures of Green Fly's 4th Birthday Party (June 09, 2013 at Bandar Betawi):
Left to Right: One of GF Founders, Micky Kie (GF 001) and GF President Tony Beckman (GF 059)  cutting the birthday cake.
Left to Right: One of the Sponsors, Juwono Sutrisno (GF 063), GF Vice President Ferry David (GF 023), and GF President Tony Beckman (GF 059) cutting the "Tumpeng".

Green Fly Board of Management and Advisors

The celebration began

The door prize time...

Ninardja "Aning" Santasa (GF 148) getting the main door prize

With the new members coming in, it becomes important to spread the story about how we first became Green Fly, and the values that we hold dear. That way, we all know what it means to become a Green Fly.

Some people say that every story has its own beginning, and this one began in 2008...

Two best friends were on a journey of self discovery to Pantai Indah Kapuk. There were just the two of them, riding their bicycle and enjoying the scenery along the way. They felt happy and serene.

Inspired by the happy experience being close to mother nature, they started asking more friends to join in. They would then become the first two Founders of Green Fly. Their names are Micky Kie (GF 001) and Rheza Raditya (GF 002).

With a few friends, they continuously biked and explored new tracks, and found many interesting places. At Jalur Teduh BBike Bubut track on May 16, 2009, they discovered the name "Green Fly".

Their names, the Founders of Green Fly, are Micky Kie (GF 001), Rheza Raditya (GF 002), Yohanes Donny Triatmoko (GF 003), Mitchell Busono (GF 005), Ignatius Stanley (GF 007), Benny Wardana (GF 008), Sandy Wirawan (GF 009), and Jonni Eko Bincono (GF 010).

That day, was the birth of Green Fly Cycling Team.

The philosophy behind the name "Green Fly" was freedom and togetherness, as green flies always fly freely, and gathered in a group. The togetherness was shown in exploring the tracks, with no man left alone and behind. We would always await, and help each other when having difficulties at the track.

With bike adventure, also came the culinary experience. We liked to explore delicious and sometimes local food along the tracks. It was always an interesting experience to taste what local people considered as their specialty.

And surely, exposed to the magnificent sceneries along the way, we took many pictures for remembrance. There were great photo spots that we found and did not want to miss.

That was how we discovered Green Fly's slogan "Bike Adventure, Posing, and Culinary", which would then evolve to become "Bike, Click, and Munch".

On May 30, 2009, we went on a bike trip to Curug Panjang at Puncak. For new bikers, it was a quite challenging uphill track, but it paid off after reaching the place. Having cold water and nice waterfall, Curug Panjang was a nice place to continuously come.

And that was when we started the legendary tradition. Every Green Fly member should ride the bike to Curug Panjang for baptism. Only then, they could become the True Green Fly, and would be entitled to wear Green Fly jersey.

Over the years, we have explored hundreds of places, some of them can only be reached by foot or bicycle.

There have also been beautiful sceneries which make us feel so blessed, and aspire us to seek more.

and along the way, we make friends, and find a family, unrelated by blood but by the passion for biking.

Here are some of the highlights over the four-year journey:

Green Fly Goes to Singapore (Nov 2010)
Rumah Hutan Cidampit (Jun 2011)
Bali Bike Trip (Aug 2011)
125-km touring to Merak, sending off Henry Yoswara (GF 066) to join Kompas' Jelajah Sepeda Jakarta - Palembang, which was an 820-km bike ride (Nov 2011)
171-km touring to Tanjung Lesung (Feb 2012)
Cianten (Mar 2012)
Curug Malela (Apr 2012)
Green Fly Goes to Mount Merapi (May 2012)
Team Time Trial & Criterium Race at Bumi Serpong Damai (May 2012)
Curug Nangka (Jul 2012)
Mount Bunder (Jul 2012)
123-km touring to Baduy (Aug 2012)
Sodong Water Fountain (Oct 2012)
400-km Bali Audax (Nov 2012)
First-ever Bike Club allowed to ride at Kebun Raya Bogor (Feb 2013)
Interview with DetikTV (Feb 2013)
Green Fly Goes to Mount Bromo (Mar 2013)
Bali Cycling Adventure (May 2013)
There are places we have not seen, but we will reach there.
There are plans we have not realized, but we will make the wait worthwhile.
As long as we stick together, we will build the memories of our lifetime.
And we shall see more adventures in years to come...

Written by: Chris Wibisono - GF 071

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