April 06, 2013
Breathing the still-fresh air in the morning, I pedaled my bike to Sepeda98 at Tanjung Duren Raya, an important meeting point where we usually gathered to start a journey.

It was 5.10 and the sky was still dark when I reached the place. The plan was to meet there and hit the road by 5.30.

This was to be our half-day ride to Untung Jawa, an island to the north of Jakarta's coast, and it was an open track, as we welcomed non GF members to join us for a nice and friendly bike ride.

At Sepeda98, apparently only four people gathered, and we headed to Taman Palem where we met 12 more people who had awaited us on the roadside. Altogether, 16 of us went to Tanjung Pasir, where we planned to take a boat ride to the island.

We took a different route this time in contrast to the tarmac, and this one went across villages, paddy field, and even the vicinity of Soekarno Hatta airport where we could see large airplanes took the landing position.

The cool morning air felt good, and the path was so convenient to pass by.

We had a few stops, during which we ate fried snack and drank tea, or simply just waited for the rest of the club to catch up. For a few non GF members who joined us, they said the track was convenient for an easy ride with fascinating scenery along the way.

After a few hours of riding, we approached Tanjung Pasir, where seven people bade farewell because they had to attend to other events and activities.

So, there were nine of us, the weekend warriors, who continued the journey to Untung Jawa.

Not very far from our parting spot, we reached the beach at Tanjung 88. By then we had ridden bicycle for approximately 40 km. 

After negotiating the boat fare, we went aboard and waited for half an hour until the boat was full with people and started to move.

The boat ride took approximately 45 minutes, and after reaching the island with hungry stomach, we went straight to buy seafood at a very simple restaurant, as there were no tables nor chairs, but mats to sit on.

The food preparation took longer time than expected, as they might have to buy the food material from a nearby fish market or took the fish from a distant place. Fortunately the waiting time paid off. The food was delicious, and we finished it all in no time.

Funny how the cats who were at our side waiting for the leftover did not want to eat the fish bones that we gave them. They just wanted to eat the fish on the plates. We wondered who had taught them the dining etiquette. Must be quite a master.

After filling up our stomach to the max, we rode past a platform on mangrove swamp. It was a unique sight.

We cycled across the island and saw schools, home stay, government clinics, and a few local government offices. This island had been built quite well, and the residents could enjoy an independent life of their own.

We reached another pier at a different tip of the island, and again we negotiated on the boat fare. This time the destination was not Tanjung Pasir but Muara Angke instead, so that we would be closer to home.

The trip back had taken longer time, with enjoyable scenery of islands such as Bidadari, Onrust, and Ayer, and almost two hours later we reached Muara Angke, at which we parted ways to go back to our home.

This trip was fun-filled, and we were looking forward to having another enjoyable bike ride.

Written by: Chris Wibisono - GF 71

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